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User Experience begins with Page Speed

Slow websites lose traffic before it becomes engaged

Faster websites enhance customer retention

80% of users don’t return after a bad experience

Mobile page speed is critical to conversion

40% of traffic bounces if site’s take over 4s to load

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Website Performance is Critical

The success of a website in today’s and tomorrow’s environments are hugely dependent upon usability & engagement – a huge proportion of this is down to Page Speed.

Is your website performing as well as it should be?

Slow websites are more likely to have high bounce rates

80% of visitors do not return to a website after a bad experience

It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out how important fast loading websites are!

Statistics show that websites that are slow loading don’t get used, and so don’t convert visitors into customers!

How can you improve your website performance?

There are some simple things that website owners can put in place to ensure that your website keeps up to date with the key things to keep on top of mobile performance.

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